Fashion, Fantasy, Power, Beauty…

The imperial essence draped in an array of fabrics mesmerized by color and texture. Inspiration derives from the pages of stories from worlds left long ago.


`Ikaika by Dominque Bones-Lark embodies Asian influences with a high-end Urban flair!

With each collection our story manifests, and we welcome you... No, we urge you to join the manifestation which is `Ikaika...



Since 2003, `Ikaika by Dominque Bones-Lark has been changing the fabric of the fashion world.

Dominque Bones-Lark, who has worked with the likes of James Covellio & Rebecca Taylor, has been featured in several periodicals including BLEU, FabEgo and Hype Hair magazine.  Dominque Bones-Lark has worked as an Assistant Designer for Mamiye Brothers and has assisted in coordinating numerous fashion shows including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

`Ikaika By. Dominque Bones-Lark has been worn by Cassidy Wolf's Miss Teen USA 2013. On her first Fashion shoot as Miss Teen USA 2013.Moscotte Shoe brand Autumn/Winter & Holiday Campaign. Sir Jones Magazine Cover and Spread, (Issue 13) 2016.  Vogue Italia 2019, Harlem fashion Week 2019, LGBTQIA Wedding Publication, Style and Soul Magazine   Issue 6 Fall 2019, Love & Hip-Hop Fall 2019, GMARO Magazine 2021, Shoutout Atlanta Official Magazine July 2021, MARIKA May 2022 Issue.